Happy Tradition


I have indeed been absent for quite some time now, and my entire “Post a Day” thing has been a complete and utter lie, but shhhhhhhhh don’t tell the government.

Anywho, I have decided to try to start it up again, as I realised that nothing is actually keeping me from doing it than my unbelievable laziness. So, YAY for action!

Today I have something very important to share….

As it happens occasionally in life we are presented with some information that we do not know how to handle or approach. However, that is not the case for me today, because I HAVE A NAME DAY!!!!!

Name days and birthdays are very special to me, because I want everyone to know that I have one. This usually results in people being insanely annoyed with me, because others rarely possess this excitement for personal holidays that I have been blessed with. I am always excited for other people’s personal holidays as well, which seems to even further annoy them. But be sure that rarely have they heard of reciprocity….

Well, all I have to say is screw you, I HAVE A NAME DAY TODAY!!!!

What day it is some of you may be eager to ask? Well, I will tell you that today is Sunday, the 15th of October, the day of the first snow in Sofia, and my name translates into Snow woman, so, yes, I celebrate my birthday on the day of the first snow.

Yes, I can hear all of your sceptical brains convulsing and producing the following thoughts: “This is illogical.”; “Why are you celebrating if it snows in Sofia and you are in Edinburgh?”; “This means you should celebrate when it snows anywhere in the world for the first time?”; “Do you realise that this is not the first snowing of the year, as it probably snowed already in January?”

My answer to all this is – SHHHH, OR I KILL YOU. Thank you.

Proper amount of snow for Name Day

I realise this is a very flawed tradition. But it is special to me, as in my family we have always celebrated it. My father even has specific rules for when the first snow actually counts as a name day. If the snow didn’t manage to survive the night, and the next morning had turned into a puddle, then I didn’t have a name day. But if the snow was properly heavy and hard-core and had managed to not melt, then I have a name day. You see it is a tradition with very specific and highly scientific internal rules.

So, stop thinking about it. Stop being critical, and just see how completely romantic and insane it is. I love it, and am happy to say TODAY I HAVE A NAME.

Yay me!