Touch my buttons

  This story begins at the gym, where I ambitiously decided to exercise my muscles in order to not be able to walk afterwards. I like to call that Tuesday.

I am sure the control panels you see in Star Treck are like this one. Only outdated, of course.

 This was my first time at the newly renovated gym, so I was really surprised at the new machines that they had introduced. They were touch screen.

 This lead to me to wonder what is happening with the world if we are so eagerly abandoning the process of pressing a button. I like buttons. I like to feel them with my fingers. They have different textures, and shapes, and sizes. Each one gives you a different sensation when you touch them – soft, hard, squishy, bouncy, sticky. And now, there is a touch screen. Also know as – “Bla”. One cannot help but associate this with humanity’s shift away from the sensual and onto the logical:

 I want it to function, not to please me.

(That would be a bad slogan for a vibrator, or a vacuum cleaner….)

 Navigating these new machines made me feel like I had just hijacked an alien spaceship, and was trying to quickly shift into light speed mode. This naturally ment that I was randomly clicking on the screen going : “FLY, BITCH, FLY!”

 I won’t lie – I wanted a cookie.

 These machines do give you the feeling that if you press the right buttons you might actually fly into the sunset.

 However, I belive that is too much excitement to endure while working out.

 Also, doesn’t this one look kind of like a monkey? :