Apparently Sex Sells


Perhaps, some of you might remember my previous attempt at targeting the broad audience of readers by having an extravagant title. As it turns out it indeed worked, I got 3 times as many views as usual. This… makes me kind of sad. As I have already mentioned I apparently lack the gene that propells people to over-share on the internet. However, I LOVE statistics and due to my very sensual and passionate relationship with my brand new HTC phone I have an application which gives you random sex facts…

 So, as everyone loves sex so much, I have decided to share with you some HTC-sex-app wisdom:

 – multiple orgasms mean having several orgasms within a short period of time. Only women can have multiple orgasms (girl power)

 – studies show that women are much more likely to reach orgasms when alone than with a partner (yay?)

 – a woman’s breasts can swell up to 30% when she is aroused (how kinky is that?)

  – kissing is good for your teeth; the extra saliva released during kissing helps to keep the mouth clean and reduces the risk of decay (yes, do it instead of brushing your teeth and see what happens)

 – 90% of men lie about their penis size (too bad they eventually have to take their clothes off)

 – survey shows that on average unmarried men and women have sex about 4 times a month

 – 29% of males aged 15-18 and 44% of males aged 20-24 do not use condoms when having sex (that explains why people tend to have babies when they are 24)

 – cajooblies is slang for large female breasts (ahahaha, who knew that?)

 – a woman gets hit on in a bar 5 minutes faster if she’s wearing makeup

 – 75% of men look for wife potential in a girlfriend 

 – 75% of men believe that they should pay for the majority of dates at least until a relationship is established (hopefully…)

 – 14% of women aged 18 to 29 report at least one sexual experience with another woman (girl power)

 – 33% of men report having had sex outside of their regular relationship over the past year

 – 30% of women over the age of 80 still have intercourse either with their spouse or boyfriends (hahaha, Katya).

 – surveys show that women with a PhD are twice as likely to have a one-night stand than those with only a BS or BA degree (female empowerment)

 – the word ‘pornography’ comes from the Greek meaning the “writings of prostitutes” (they don’t seem to write that much nowadays)

 Oops, I think I broke the application, which seems to be taking it out on my phone, so no more sex trivia for you.

 Currently, I am being the victim of some deranged eye-disease and look like a vampire with blood-shot eyes… so, if you are into the whole vampire mania, you can… use that as a reminder! What? I don’t even know anymore.

 Go practice save sex, please. Thank you. Or if you don’t I would happily be a godmother🙂

P.S.: Yesterday, someone typed in “hate harry potter” and they ended up at my blog. Ha, I told you Google likes me.