Before it’s Oscar time

Yesterday I was sad. A very lonely kind of sad exacerbated by the lonely fact that I was all alone and had no one to be less alone with. To summarise – it… Continue reading

A Relationship with the Universe

  It goes something like this.  You graduate from first year at the academy of TORTURE, where you learned how to be a better, more balanced and self-aware person, bladi bla bla bla.… Continue reading

Don’t be cynical, be self-aware

   In recent years I started to realise that life will throw at you the same situation over and over again until you finally learn from it what you were refusing to the… Continue reading

The starting of the move on

 Written yesterday    I am currently half way through my enjoyable stay at London Heathrow airport, and I got slightly bored of watching 15 000 Survivor episodes, so decided to go on a… Continue reading

Last words of honesty

I have recently realised something. I am not sure if I have an explanation for it, but it is something that is statistically proven to be true.  But first – Happy New Year… Continue reading

Bye Bye you bitch

2012 was one of the greatest years of my life.  Why?  Because it fucking sucked.  Yes, I would like to once again use the word ‘fucking’ to explain the levels of crapness with… Continue reading

A tale of purification and buttholes

A couple of weeks ago I was told that my mission in life is to help people on their path to spiritual, personal and intellectual growth. Well, let me do my part in… Continue reading

Empty Screams

 Have you ever been witness to your soul screaming out in pain. It is so frightening, because all you can do is sit and wait for it to stop. No, you are not… Continue reading

Please, help me with my music fetish

 I am interested in creating a very interactive post today, aimed at my own musical pleasure. You see I skipped university on Wednesday afternoon. After circulating Edinburgh’s city center in the rain, I… Continue reading

‘East of the West’, a remedy for the traveling soul

 I am currently happily sitting at the airport, which is filled with very depressed looking individuals. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is after midnight, and all of us will… Continue reading

Simple rules of society

 Do you know what I hate? Ok, fine, hate is a strong word, but what I mildly despise to the extent that I feel like puking my own intestines out and serving them to a… Continue reading

It smells like rust – ‘Trendafil & Chugra’ gig review

Не знам дали ви се е случвало да отидете на пънк/рок концерт и да седнете на дървени столове, заобиколени от други хора, седящи на дървени столове, и да гледате как две деца и… Continue reading

I believe it to be true

  I am feeling the need to preach to you, my children. Lord have mercy and hallelujah … This summer has been a rather bizarre period of my life . It is as if I… Continue reading

Branding my name

Hello, hello, hello  with summer coming to an end I felt inspired to share with you some of the photographs I took while at the seaside this year. We were at Sozopol from… Continue reading

The polite smile on the bleached floor

I would like to tell you about the lady with Parkinson’s disease I befriended today. You see I have been regularly visiting the neurology hospital these past few days, as I have been… Continue reading